We need a chance to show 

The fact is that people need to learn how to make it to the top so other people or DJS can follow. I love what I do and I can’t stop playing 

DJING is so much fun and easy to do if you have the guts to do it and find the beats that you love 


the greatest hits in the US

Cant Stop The Feeling

The song “Cant Stop The Feeling” is a song that is upbeat and want you to stand and don’t care about everything just have fun and dance. We need lots more songs like this. The song starts soft then it go’s faster and lets you baby flow. This song will make you really happy. The song has lots of great people in the song dancing. I hope you love this song.

Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For

This song is the next in the countdown it’s called “This Is What You Come For” by Calvin Harris ft. Risanna. this song is a nice one that is slow in the beginning then speeds up later in the song. I think the song is great overall. It’s a great song with Rihanna and Calvin Harris. It’s a great song that lots of people will love so much and I hope you listen to the song and see what I’m taking about.

Tiësto & Don Diablo – Chemicals

The last song is soft then its slowly rising. then the drop comes. its a great song to hear too. Its nice to have two of the coolest DJ’s and make a song that’s amazing. They both did really well. Dj’s should find new ways to make it better. That’s what they just did. I hope you love the song.


top 3 controllers from Pioneer


the DDJ-SB is a two channel controller that’s great for beginners. You don’t need a big power cord to tern on. It terns on by computer witch makes it easier for people. Its light weight witch makes it easy to care as wall. There is one Master output for speakers. The DDJ-SB has two small plates that are fun to mix. What make even more fun is that there is 4 launchpads. Even thow its small its still cares a great punch for the DJ that’s using the DDJ-SB. Hope you have fun.


This controller in big and light weight. The DDJ-SX2 is a controller that is bigger and has a 4 channel mixer that two DJs can work at the same time. The plates show a color of light to know then the next cue point. there are 8 launchpads that are colored so you now what is happening. This controller is great for DJs that are still learning how to mix and you don’t want to pay that much.

 The DDJ-SZ Flagship

The DDJ-SZ is the flagship controller and I love the DDJ-SZ so much.first controller to closely match the CDJ-2000NXS set-up for the most intuitive, physical scratch performances yet. The full-sized illuminated jog wheels deliver a silky smooth, fast response for precision scratching. The controller has LED’s that give you a visual reference to which modes. Two USB sound cards and ports mean you can hook up 2 computers. Lastly two full sized jog wheels.

Songs of the week 

The first song is called Marshmello Ft. Omar LinX – Keep it Mello. This song is amazing. The song has bass and a singer that is amazing Omar LinX is a great singer. The song that you will listen to and you will go crazy for the song. I hope you have fun dancing to

The next song is amazing it’s called Skrillex & Diplo – “Mind” feat. Kai (Official Video) in the song it’s slow then it speeds up then the song goes to a fast speed up. The song goes back to slow and then back to speed up the song. This song is amazing I love it I hope you like it to.


The last song that is also a great one is called “Now that l’ve found you”. This song has a great singer and the song has emotions. This shows the truth behind people’s eyes. I love when the song gets faster when the drop comes. Listen to the song and discover things about the song.

DJ Cases and Bags

This week I will tell you some things to help your controller or mixer will live for a long time. You always need a case that is durable from the elements. They come in different sizes and different versions of cases. The first case is what I own. The DDJ-SZ is a case that is great for how big it is and how much it weighs its insane. I love it because I don’t have to put it in a box that it came with. It’s a great way to have rollers so you don’t have to lift it.

 If you have a mixer that is separated from your turntables or CDJ’s. This case is light and can help you if you don’t want to lift up the behemoth of a controller. It’s harder because you need to carry lots more things like two turntables or CDJ’s. Overall it’s lots of fun putting things together so you can remember what you did and make it better.

 You should always take care of your controller or mixer so it can live forever. I will always tell people that DJing is something that people have inside themselves. The cases have a job and it’s to keep your things safe. I hope you find something that you love doing that has a case so you can keep everything safe. There are some that have foam in the bags so the controller won’t break.

Proximity, Trap Nation, Monstercat

Proximity of Sight and Sound

This video by Proximity shows the effect that is called “after effect” on Adobe Illustrator. The Proximity logo shows a lightening bolt that changes color every second that it goes. Also, the outer area lights up in multiple colors to show the sounds of the song. The color scheme shows how certain songs feel, making you feel closer to the bolt itself, dragging you into the music.

Trap Nation

The second Youtuber, Trap Nation, has tons of songs that express colors and bass in one. The layers show a lot of different colors and if you look closely you can see that there might be one color that is bigger than the other. Trap Nation is looking deeper into what people see and hear instead of what people say and smell. Soon, the songs in the video will trap you, making you want to see more.


What Monstercat does is make the songs visually linear instead of circular. Monstercat does this so the song won’t pop out at you, but show you that there is more than meets the ear.

Songs of the Week

The song is has a good bass and has a nice rise to the song. This song has a good voice. The song has a drop that is great and has a awesome tune to it. When the drop comes, there is clapping, then it goes techno. This song tells a story on how people need others so you should not let them down. Instead, make them happy inside. The person has a feeling that he or she is begging to let herself down. I love this song because there is a great bass and it’s upbeat. I feel something inside that is about to explode. Lots more people need to listen to the song that lots of DJs make because it tells a story on how they feel. I love hearing music that tells a story or feeling because it shows that they care about what they love doing.

I think you will like this song. It’s upbeat like crazy. The person that made the song is happy to make the song for his or her fans. They are excited to do what they love doing. The song has a great vibe to it. I would really think you should listen and it will give you chills down your spine. I hope you love the song as much as I do. It tells a story of happiness and having fun.

This song is upbeat, happy, and has lots of vibe to is. We all need to hear this song; it’s great to get pumped up big time. The song will get lots and lots of people happy and going crazy. With the drop it’s all overload. Lots of people will go crazy from the drop and the song. The song has a dog barking in the background. The song is a great one and at the end it slows down.

“We Wanna Party” has an old-school vibe and wants you to party hard. This song turns to a faster beat that is more techno and upbeat. I think this song will be great everywhere. People need to hear this song. The song will be stuck in your mind.


This picture that I took was to show all of the big artists in the world today or years past. I for one loved this wall of the greatest minds of music. I’m now hearing lots more than what I know. People really need to listen to some people’s stories on how they became so powerful to themselves and the people around them. This picture means that there is hope for what I can do with DJing as a career and what I can do help my friends out in the process. I know this might sound weird, but it’s the truth: I love what I do. DJing is the greatest thing and I hope you have inspiration to do that thing that you are driven to do.

pp 094


The place that holds the oldest records is Mr.C’s Records. I think this place is taking me back in time when people were listening to records. My mind was going crazy because of how old the records are and how long they have been there. I hope you go to the record store its great. It shows history that was music.

pp 091

the last thing is a song that I love so much that I hope this song helps you.

What You Should Do to Start DJing

   The first thing that I know is important is to listen to the song or songs that you want to mix and put them together with beats per second. It’s the most important piece because you want to make the beat right with the songs that you will mix. Make sure you write them on a piece of paper to record the songs’ names and the beats that the song has. I always do this ahead of time so the I don’t mix the song incorrectly. I hope you use this to help you in the future.

     The second thing is finding the right software for you laptop or computer. I would recommend either Virtual DJ or Serato. They’re both really great things to have on you computer. They are both really cheap and easy things to have to set up. What I have is Virtual DJ 8 witch works with my DDJ-SZ. It’s lots of fun.

       The last thing that you might need is a gear for the software. The gear is the most important thing. It shows that you mean business and want to make things happen. The three companies you should check out are Pioneer DJ, Native Instruments, Stanton, and lots more that are nice and great.

New Music Flavors


       New Music Flavors 


This song will probably be an exciting song that you will love. It’s called “Runaway Dropout Remix”. I listened to the song and I think this a great remix. The beats are great. The sounds show happiness and excitement to the prison that is hearing the song for the first time. I hope you enjoy the song.

The next song, “Won’t Hold Back” (Diskord Remix), has a great bass and nice sounds. The song repeats itself, then the drop comes and I get so happy. The person that is singing is great and it has a great beat. There is a section that has no bass, then the bass finally shows. I would rank this song an 8 because there is a good feeling to the song.

One of my favorite songs is called “Summertime Sadness” (Cedric Gervis Remix). This song is a great one to dance to and to have fun with your friends. In the song, there is a girl singing until the beat drops, then it’s even better than before.


I hope you can listen and jam out to the songs. Have fun doing it. Comment me what you want to hear too